I don’t want to tell you APresale is the leader in the timeshare resale industry or the largest timeshare resale on the internet. There are always bigger and larger companies opening in this growing Timeshare resale market consumers start to see more value in the secondary market and be more exposed due to the internet.

But I could say the only one and sole timeshare resale office in ASIA with the most experienced in the industry giving professional and impartial advice, on all the aspects of purchasing and selling your timeshare Based with an office on the beautify island off Phuket Thailand and market mostly the Asian households.

Phuket, Thailand the most visit and demand place in Asia, therefore we installed our office in Maikhao Beach were two Major Developer players in the timeshare industry here in Asia have there preview centers. Each preview center have about a 1000 tours a month for a 3-4 nights stay with Asian qualified household couples eager to discover the world with the holiday travel explaining the benefits of owning timeshare. Knowing that there are 100 tours a day receiving the information at the top prices from these developers AP resales know with the right visible marketing and 70% discount saving they make on the resale market is why the office is our primary market ground and be more likely to find real buyers.


We invested heavily in advanced search engine optimization(SEO) and other digital marketing strategies, enabling the website to get a global platform mostly to require inventory from-sale-by- owner but also to advertise the sale of timeshare to reach a bigger audience. The founder and Managing Director of APresale is Patrick Portier who hold a former high senior management position at Marriott Phuket Beach Club for 15 years and before that was working 14+ years in the timeshare industry with companies like, GVC, Diamonds ‘also Marriott in Europe’ WITH almost 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE in the timeshare industry and the passion he has about the industry and the knowledge about the Marriott timeshare weeks and ASIA -PACIFIC points program his personality and name started to become a brand under the Marriott Phuket owners and Ap members who majority off them know him personally.

Trustworthy, straight forward and integrity are still his core values as owners know him. In the years helping many owners with the complexity of the different kinds of memberships under the same brand and helping them in the way to get the best out of there timeshare program. Many owners became his personal friends but circumstance change in life or health issue arose these friends/owners ask him to help to resale there membership.

In response to an obvious growing gap in the consumer services provided by the timeshare industry:

More and more owners were looking for a way to sell their timeshares but had nowhere to turn for help. Most resale agents were based in the US or Europe afraid falling in the pitfall where they were scammed with upfront fees or listing were the never been contacted for an offer on there vacation ownership properties. You couldn’t simply give back your timeshare to the resort and get a zero return. These timeshare owners expressed a deep sense of urgency to sell their timeshares, and from that urgency, APresale was born.

What We Do

Listing your current timeshare and/or purchasing your next timeshare through Fidelity ensures many things: financial success, speed, efficiency, trust, and confidence knowing your transaction will be handled legally and thoroughly.

• We negotiate pricing, terms, and prepare contracts between buyers and sellers. As a transactional broker, we can assist both parties: Buyer and Seller.
• We help protect all funds from the Buyer and Seller by only utilizing “A” rated title companies who place all funds in fully insured escrow accounts.
• We verify ownership with the resort directly to confirm information for both the buyer and the seller.
• We prepare documents needed per the resort, and the state where the resort is located then we coordinate the entire closing and transfer process.

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