Thailand is one of the most popular places to go to. The beautiful climate and of course the breathtaking beaches, Thai cultures and the delicious food are just a few reasons for people to move to this Southeast Asian country. One of the most popular places in Phuket. The peninsula in the Southwest of the country. Phuket has long been established as the destination of choice for many of today’s savvy international leisure travelers. Known for its year round perfect weather, luxury hotels and resorts, amazing beaches, world-class golf courses and intergenic nightlife, Phuket became now Asia’s top destination.

The Island has weathered the storms of the Asian financial crisis, SARS, and a devasting Tsunami and the latest Covid-19 and has emerged stronger, safer and more stylish than ever before, making it one of Southeast Asia’s most popular and safe places to invest.


It is certainly no wonder that many people seriously consider staying in this paradisiacal place and settle down. The property market of Phuket is definitely an interesting one for those looking to buy a home to live or investment property with rental return in Thailand. Reports show that both locals and foreigners are increasing their interest in owning a condo in Phuket. This points strongly to a continuous growth of the real estate market on the island. Prices are expected to rise in the coming years as Phuket becomes more and more popular to tourists. The demand of more and more attractive properties with an attractive Return On Investment (ROI) opportunities through guaranteed rental returns in order to provide a handsome capital gain for the investors is rising.

Generally, Hotel Managed Developments offer 5-7% guaranteed yearly return to investors for no less than 3 years, and some projects offer even up to 10% of the guaranteed income generated from renting out your property.

Purchasing real estate in Thailand requires a big amount of careful consideration. There are many subjects to inspect and many questions to be answered before buying property in Phuket. It is advisable to search for a partner who is capable of evaluating the market situation and recommend you to buy certain real estate property that is where we Apresale step in and assist.

There are many reasons that speak for an investment in real estate in Phuket. The first reason is that you have the right to 100% freehold. A non-Thai citizen can invest in a property in Thailand, but only a condominium can be legally owned freehold by a foreigner.
In the current low interest rate environment, investors don’t know where to put their money. Some countries in Europe has now negative interest rates. This means if you deposit too much money in the bank, the bank will actually charge you to keep it there. (Some banks are taking the same action against large depositors in Euro accounts.)

Viewed purely from a Return on Investment (ROI) standpoint, the choice between a guaranteed rental return in real estate and leaving money in the bank to earn little or no interest isn’t a hard one to make.

For anyone faced with paying the bank to deposit money, an investment in Phuket real estate is a no-brainer. “Condotel” developments, which combine a hotel license with freehold ownership for foreigners, are able to overcome this.

Property management by international companies guarantee that you condo will be in condition, all maintenance will run on time and smoothly and public areas are also well- maintained so it is a completely hands-free investment

Reasons to Invest in Phuket Property
Right Now in the land of smiles

  • Phuket’s infrastructure is rapidly improving together with the island’s accessibility
  • Guaranteed income from Developer stated in the contract
  • Condotel prices are low, with plenty of upside potential
  • Property management by international companies so secure your property investment
  • Land is in limited supply especially near the west coast
  • The thriving tourist industry offers great potential for rental income
  • The cost of living is lower in Phuket than in many equivalent holiday destinations
  • Buying costs and taxes are much lower in Thailand than elsewhere


Still the biggest argument is of course that Phuket is simply a paradisiacal place with many cultural attractions, beautiful weather and good food – simply the perfect place to spend the summer or even the rest of your life.

We here at APresale put a couple of good deals here to give you an idea about the rental return possibilities through owning a property in Phuket so that will be guided safely through the process of purchasing a property in the North of Phuket using our services

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