Marriott Vacation Club has a wealth of benefits for owners and frequent travelers. While the grow, especially here in Asia and owners are as happy as ever, Along with more than 420,000 other families, we know that you are going to love your ownership in Marriott Vacation Club. But rest assured that after years of great vacations in exotic locales, there may come a day when you decide to sell your Marriott timeshare. sometimes it’s just not realistic to hold onto your ownership anymore.

Owners need to sell their timeshare due to life circumstances. Reduced finances, to far to travel too, or declining health and other reasons and the kids don’t want to inherit your timeshare may make it difficult for Owners to get out and or take the best use of their timeshare.



Selling a Timeshare Ownership with AP resale is simple and effective and taking advantage of the tremendous Asia growth opportunities in selling Timeshare to the growing middle class across the Asian Continent.

We offer a complete timeshare resale service which allows you to sell your timeshare with confidence. When selling your Marriott timeshare with AP resale our wealth of knowledge and experience spans over more than two decades ensuring you are dealing with a team of people who know how to sell timeshare.

It is free to register your timeshare with us Our business is only successful when we achieve sales, we do not charge, and are therefore not reliant on, upfront fees. Additionally, we do not charge you any commission before, during or after the sale.

Rely on the expertise of AP resale and Avoid the pitfalls of unscrupulous timeshare resale companies who regularly solicit owners to hire them to get rid of there timeshares. Some of those are outright scammers whose only goal is to pocket $3,000 to $5,000 just looking for you to pay them a listing fee upfront, they then raise your hopes by giving you an unachievable valuation which you would have little or no chance of achieving, your week or points will just stay on a list.

You want to sell your timeshare? Let us handle all the hassle!

Our service to sell your timeshare will include:

  • Free Registration – No upfront charges
  • No commission for you to pay, in all cases the buyer pays the commission
  • No transfer of ownership fees to pay, the buyer will be responsible for these costs
  • The price we offer you is the price you will receive, with no deductions
  • Advertising and marketing service which offers unrivalled exposure in ASIA of your timeshare ownership
  • Free Valuation and Market Appraisal



  • A Professional Approach and Extensive Knowledge Base worked in Marriott for two decades in senior high management
  • Exposure of your Timeshare Ownership in our resale office situated less than 100 yards away from two Mayor Developer Players Preview centers in the Asia pacific region where each Developer Center have 1000 of qualified households per month to discover the timeshare at full Developer price
  • We sell Marriott Timeshare Ownerships including Selling Marriott Asia-Pacific Club Points,Marriott Phuket Beach Club Fixed weeks, floating ownership, Marriott Vacation Club Europe Resorts
  • Your No 1 Choice when deciding to sell you TIMESHARE in the high demand and growth of ASIA PACIFIC TIMESHARE house hold
  • We handle all the paperwork with Timeshare Escrow & Title SO to ensure that both yourself and the buyer are 100% protected at every stage of the transaction
  • Billboards in ,internet and top of the internet Search engine in multiply ASIAN languages


Absolutely Professional and Experienced Team

Transfer of Ownership and Sale Completion

Once you have a firm offer for your timeshare the next step is to ensure the legal transfer of ownership is completed with care and attention. We employ a third party Escrow agent who deals with the completion of the sale for your complete peace of mind. This ensures that each party can sit back and relax whilst their ownership is being transferred ensuring that the third party escrow agent will only release the original certificate/deeds and sale funds once all legal transfer of ownership is complete. This offers both the seller and buyer complete protection. Payment for the sale of your ownership can be made by bank transfer or cheque. Our escrow agent is Hutchinson Trustees who are also an RDO Approved timeshare resale company.

Absolutely free of charge and with no upfront fees necessary simply complete our registration form and we take it from there, once we receive a purchase offer for your timeshare we will confirm you exactly how much your receive net
Once you choose to accept the net offer we give, we then take care of the entire transfer safely and quickly once upon the completion of the transfer the promised amount will be sent to you.

Do not consider any company that charges an upfront fee to register your unit as they are fraudulent scam operators that are giving the timeshare resale industry a huge black eye.

There is no guaranteed timeframe in which your timeshare will sell. The resale market is a buyer market with supply and demand Many factors can impact how quickly we will find a buyer including your ownership details, resort and/or Asia pacific points package, In addition to the popularity of your particular timeshare, price is the single greatest determining factor in your ability to sell your timeshare. But with the tremendous Asia growth opportunities in selling Timeshare market here in ASIA and have millions of Chinese exploring traveling.

AP resale as the sole resale office here in ASIA at Competitive pricing will always result in a faster sale.

Still, with that in mind AP resale cannot and will not accurately determine a length of the timeframe within your timeshare will sell.

You have 2 options

1. First option we offer you a price
For those who are experiencing circumstances where you need to liquidate the timeshare immediately then it might be possible to offer you a fast cash price depending on the season or amount of Club Points you have and we take immediate ownership and liberate you from all your obligations.

2. Exit with zero return
Another option is to exit of your Marriott timeshare for a zero return also called Voluntary Surrender. Note Marriott will ask you to pay the current dues as they will take it back the following year. Don’t hesitate to contact us how to assist you in both options

The first step in preparing to sell your timeshare is to get all your paperwork in order, to know all the basic information about your Marriott timeshare ownership.

  • How your name appears on the ownership
  • The name of your resort, if applicable
  • Your resort inventory number or phase you own(apply to PBC)
  • Whether you own a floating week within a season or a fixed week
  • Silver , Gold, Platinum
  • If you have annual or every-other-year-usage
  • Your current maintenance fee dues and updated
  • Your annual allotment of points and anniversary date , if part of the Asia Pacific Points program

You will also need to take inventory of any outstanding reservations or commitments you have, to be able to communicate effectively to your potential buyers what is available to them. Questions to answer regarding the current calendar year as well as the upcoming year:

  • Do you have any existing reservations?
  • Have you used your vacation time or points?
  • Have you made any deposits (week or points) into Interval International?
  • Did you elect to convert your usage into Destination Points or Reward Points?
  • Have you rented your vacation usage for either year?
  • If you are a Asia pacific Owner owner, how many points are available for use right now?

You can also call Marriott Owners Services and the phone representatives will go over all aspects of your Marriott ownership details with you, explaining exactly what you own. Be prepared to take good notes of your conversation! Marriott phone numbers can be found on the maintenance fee and assessment notices.

You can also log in to your online account at and find information about your ownership there too.

You want to buy a timeshare? Let us find a perfect one for you!